Auto Insurance (Personal and Commercial)

The lawyers for Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom L.L.P. have tremendous experience in handling coverage and bad faith litigation arising out of auto insurance claims under both personal lines and commercial lines policies. In fact, our lawyers have been involved in several key legal decisions that have shaped Texas law regarding auto insurance coverage. Our expertise includes the following major coverages:

Uninsured/Underinsured value disputes are regularly handled by our lawyers. We routinely make use of the very favorable aspects of Texas law on this issue resulting in the severance and abatement, or sometimes the complete dismissal, of any extra-contractual claims brought prior to the resolution of the UM/UIM value dispute. Our lawyers are extremely familiar with the expert witnesses needed to win these cases including accident reconstructionists, physicians, vocational specialists and physical rehabilitation specialists.

Auto Liability
Our lawyers regularly evaluate liability coverage questions arising out of AL coverage including exhaustion of limits, multiple insured problems, multiple insurer allocation issues, and other common coverage problems that frequently arise under this coverage. We also regularly defend bad faith suits arising out of such coverages including Stowers claims arising out of failures to respond to settlement demands within policy limits. We also regularly defend lawsuits involving inadequate policy limits to satisfy multiple claimants, duty to defend issues, duty to indemnify issues, and other related claims that frequently arise out of AL coverages.

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