Coverage Analysis and Advice

The lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom provide coverage analysis and advice to many of the nation’s largest insurers on a weekly basis. We have provided thousands of coverage opinions to our insurance clients on a host of unique coverage problems arising out of CGL, D&O, Builder’s Risk, Commercial Property, Homeowners, Auto, Crime, Employment Practices Liability, Business Interruption, Flood, Workers’ Compensation, Life, Health and Disability policies.

Although dozens of Texas lawyers advertise the ability to provide an accurate coverage opinion, our coverage team is unique for several reasons. First, we do not have to figure out Texas law – we know it inside and out. Second, we do not just provide academic tomes discussing decades of Texas jurisprudence. We provide concise summaries of Texas law and, more importantly, explain the practical implications to get our clients the understanding they need to make a claims decision. Third, many of our coverage attorneys previously worked in-house for some of the nation’s largest carriers. We have an “insider’s perspective” on what our clients need in order to make claims decisions and we provided it. Finally, our analysis does not stop at the end of the coverage inquiry – we guide our clients through their other options with respect to declaratory judgments, negotiated settlements, or other creative solutions to claim problems. We never lose sight of our client’s objectives of making correct claims decisions as efficiently as possible.

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