Property and Casualty Insurance

Our firm has a national reputation for our expertise in property insurance coverage evaluations and litigation arising out of property insurance claims. From hurricane claims to mold losses, from arson damage to foundation movement, and from construction defect claims to business interruption losses, our lawyers have handled thousands of claims and hundreds of lawsuits arising out of property insurance losses. Our property insurance experience has resulted in unique expertise in the following areas:

Hurricane, Flood and Wind Storm Losses
The firm serves as regional coordinating counsel for two major P&C carriers for claims and litigation arising out of Hurricanes Ike, Katrina, and Rita. Our lawyers also successfully handled some of the largest claims and lawsuits arising out of Tropical Storm Allison which inundated the Texas Gulf Coast in 2001.

Mold Claims
Our firm developed a reputation as the state’s leading law firm for the defense of mold contamination claims in Texas. Our firm served as lead counsel in Fiess v. State Farm Lloyds where we persuaded the Texas Supreme Court that mold claims are not covered under the Texas Homeowners’ Form B policy. We also served as mold litigation coordinating counsel for one of the nation’s largest P&C insurers.

Foundation Claims
Our lawyers have tried more foundation trial and arbitrations over the last 15 years than any other group of lawyers in Texas. In addition to foundation coverage issues, several of our lawyers have particular expertise in the principles of geotechnical engineering, residential construction techniques, water hydrology and the effects of vegetation and seasonal moisture changes on expansive clay soils.

Fire Losses
Our lawyers have handled numerous fire losses, many of which involved allegations of arson. In addition to understanding the subtle nuances of litigating SIU claims, many of our lawyers have extensive experience in cause and origin investigations, the science of accelerants, and smoke and fire damage remediation techniques.

Business Interruption Claims
Our lawyers regularly work with some of the leading forensic accounts in the country in assisting our clients in the evaluation and defense of business interruption claims. In addition to understanding the threshold legal implications in BI losses, we also employ several lawyers with accounting backgrounds who specialize in these complex claims. Because we are trial lawyers at heart, we also understand how to simplify complex accounting issues so juries can understand our clients’ positions at trial.

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