Alternative Dispute Resolution

Carriers frequently need creative ways to resolve disputes. Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom’s lawyers not only actively participate in various ADR programs, our lawyers frequently lead in such endeavors by serving as mediators and arbitrators of complex insurance disputes. Two of our partners -- Chris Martin and David Disiere are all experienced mediators and arbitrators of complex coverage disputes. One of the highest compliments of our expertise in this area is that our peers frequently turn to us to serve as an intermediary or judge of complex insurance disputes.

Of course, all of our lawyers are actively engaged in ADR techniques. We take mediation very seriously and believe it is one of the most unique opportunities in a lawsuit to force an opponent to seriously evaluate the weaknesses in their claims. The skill and creativity which we bring to the trial of cases, we also bring to the mediation and arbitration of insurance disputes. We have extensive experience arbitrating both policyholder-carrier disputes as well as inter-carrier disputes between insurers.

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