Advertising Liability and Personal Injury

Insurance claims for advertising liability and personal injury coverage are increasing in frequency as a result of changes in American business. Commercial policyholders are frequently sued for business torts arising out of the operations of their business. Such claims potentially trigger advertising liability and personal injury coverage. Claims for securities fraud, intellectual property violations, privacy violations, antitrust claims, and deceptive trade practices frequently implicate such coverage.

The lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom L.L.P. have extensive experience in both analyzing claims for coverage under advertising injury and personal injury coverage as well as defending contractual and extra-contractual claims against our clients under these coverages. Our lawyers have been on the forefront of the legal battles arising out of the AL/PIL coverage battles for the last decade. We have disposed of multiple coverage actions via summary judgment where policyholders sought policy benefits for questionable claims under these coverages. We have also issued numerous coverage opinions dealing with a plethora of claims submitted under these coverages.

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