Environmental Coverages

The lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom have been on the cutting edge of environmental coverage claims for the last two decades. Our lawyers are responsible for many of the significant Texas cases interpreting the “sudden and accidental” pollution exclusion, the absolute pollution exclusion, the “occurrence” clause and the litany of exclusion typically implicated by the environmental claims. In addition to our expertise in CGL coverage regarding environmental claims, we also have experience in evaluating and litigating environmental coverage claims arising out of EIL, commercial property, and secured creditor policies.

Over the last two decades, our lawyers have played an active role in some of the largest environmental coverage cases in Texas. Our lawyers have literally shaped Texas law in this area including Texas law regarding the “sudden and accident pollution exclusion, the absolute pollution exclusion, the “occurrence” clause, primary and excess allocation issues, trigger and “drop down” issues and policyholder allocation issues. Our lawyers have litigated claims arising out of many of the major Superfund sites in Texas and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers have been in the middle of many of the significant environmental coverage suits in Texas over the last 15 years and have played major roles in the successful resolution of all of those cases.

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