Corporate, Partnership, and Securities Litigation

The recent history of corporate America has resulted in juries having increased sensitivity to business ethics. This is the backdrop where today’s corporate, partnership, and securities litigation takes place. The attorneys in Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom’s Trial and Specialty Litigation Division have advised clients before litigation, through litigation, and beyond trials in this arena. The experience of our attorneys has suited the firm to handle a range of cases from complex, paper-intensive fraud claims against issuers of securities to small business partnership disputes which may involve injunction proceedings.

Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom has handled these disputes on behalf of clients in the business of computer software, internet operations, funeral industry, real estate, automotive sales, medical equipment, and a number of other areas. A high honor bestowed on our Trial and Specialty Litigation Division is that its attorneys are regularly hired by prominent lawyers to represent their interests in multi-million dollar partnership disputes or to provide additional expertise to other firms handling complicated business litigation. Whether the case involves a complicated corporate structure, Delaware law, securities regulation, or a small business partnership dispute, our firm is equipped to provide effective, high quality representation with a cost-efficient approach that clients find rewarding. We can also assist clients in properly preparing offering documents designed to thwart the type of securities litigation becoming more common in today’s business environment.

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