Class Actions

The lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom L.L.P. have extensive experience defending class action lawsuits against insurers in a wide variety of contexts including putative class action claims involving: claims handling tools such as Colossus; calculations of claim payments including general contractors’ overhead and profit and sales tax issues; premium calculation claims; the imposition of various service charges made by different insurers; underwriting standards; coverage election forms for UM/UIM and PIP coverages; premium fraud allegations; and “vanishing premium” claims.

We know how to win class action lawsuits by doing everything possible to prevent class certification and we have successfully defeated numerous class certification attempts by overly aggressive counsel. We understand the legal standards articulated by the Texas Supreme Court as well as the Federal courts interpreting both the class action rules of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. We know how to win class certification hearings, we know the experts that need to be retained, and we understand the discovery that needs to be taken to establish the legal standards necessary to win putative class action allegations.

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