What Sets Us Apart

Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom is a Texas litigation boutique with offices in Houston, Dallas and Austin. The firm was founded on January 1, 2000 and our lawyers have received repeated accolades, recognition and awards for our trial and appellate prowess and our substantive expertise. What sets our firm apart from every other law firm? Our lawyers. Most importantly, we try cases. We are trial lawyers, not "litigators." Many law firms handle cases by over-working them, over-billing them, and then settling them. We do not. We love to try cases, and it shows. The courtrooms of Texas are as comfortable to us as our own offices.

Additionally, our lawyers are known across the state and across the country for our substantive expertise. We are frequently asked to speak at state and national seminars regarding winning trial techniques in the individual practice areas in which we work. Our lawyers are responsible for authoring four legal treatises regarding different aspects of Texas litigation and Texas law. Four of our attorneys have served as law school professors. Seven of our lawyers are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (Chris Martin - Consumer Law, Jack Wisdom - Labor and Employment Law, Levon Hovnatanian - Appellate Law, Mark Dyer - Personal Injury Trial Law, Elizabeth Mata Kroger - Labor and Employment Law, Jim Cleary - Labor and Employment Law, David Quan - Labor and Employment Law). Across multiple legal disciplines, the lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom have repeatedly demonstrated their substantive expertise which we use daily for the benefit of our clients.

Most cases settle before trial. But, in order to be successful advocates for clients and achieve the best results in civil litigation, it is essential to have a reputation your adversaries respect. Judges, mediators, and the Texas legal community all know Martin, Disiere,Jefferson & Wisdom for our successful trial and appellate work. Our reputation is built on ability, experience and having the guts to successfully take cases through verdict and, if necessary, up on appeal. All "litigators" will claim to have trial experience, but our claims are backed by a long list of impressive trial and appellate results, and a long list of very satisfied clients.

Our Technological Advantage

Now more than ever, the ability to evaluate and access information means the difference between winning and losing your lawsuit. We've been on the cutting edge of information management since the day our firm opened and we remain on the forefront of the application of technology to both pretrial and trial strategies.

We have embraced  technology to manage information and documentation. This capability saves our clients money which would otherwise be wasted on repeatedly locating, copying and using documents in a case. Our clients can also view any pleadings, orders, calendars, or documents in our cases from the internet and do so safely without fearing the loss of confidential information.

Storing and retrieving information and documents accomplishes nothing unless it can be simplified and effectively communicated to a judge, mediator, or jury. We are comfortable with using trial presentation technology to present your case. We understand how people learn and retain information and we use that understanding to apply technology to drive home the truth of our clients' positions.

Finally, we employ state-of-the-art technology to maintain a voluminous library of depositions and other information regarding the expert witnesses who frequently testify against our clients. Our proprietary database is available to our clients and their other lawyers who may need information from our library to defeat an expert. Most lawyers hoard such information. We share it with our clients and their other lawyers because we recognize the importance of partnering with our clients across jurisdictional lines in order to make a difference in all of their cases. Why does our firm commit so many resources to technology?

Simple. It gives us the winning edge.