Our Unique Perspective

The lawyers of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson & Wisdom have a unique perspective on the trial of lawsuits - we share your perspective. That is because an unusually high percentage of our lawyers previously worked in the industries we represent. Several of our lawyers have spent years working as in-house counsel or in corporate management in the industries that now turn to us for representation in lawsuits. This gives us an "insider's" perspective which is unparalleled among our competitors.

Our perspectives are unique, not only for the tremendous knowledge we possess about the business realities faced by our clients, but because of the underlying philosophy behind the formation and growth of our firm. The American legal system, and many of the law firms which fuel it, have strayed far from the ideals upon which they were founded. Justice is frequently obtained, if at all, at too high a price. The search for truth is frequently lost in the quest to win. Our firm stands on the bedrock of belief that the truth should never be twisted, justice should never be manipulated, and ethics should never be compromised.

We also thrive on creativity and flexibility. Our partners bring dramatically different perspectives to every lawsuit and we cultivate those differences in all of our lawyers. Our unique perspectives are shaped by the hundreds of trials and appeals our lawyers have collectively handled. We have a passion for what we do and it shows in every case we handle.