Mold Damage Claims

Our firm is first widely recognized as the state’s leading law firm for the evaluation of mold claims and the handling of mold lawsuits. Our firm handled the now-infamous mold coverage case Fiess v. State Farm Lloyds where the Texas Supreme Court held mold claims are not covered under Texas Homeowners’ Form B policy. Our lawyers were involved in the very first mold claims brought against Texas insurers in 1999 and we played an active role in the defense of many of those cases through the present.

In 2002, one of the nation’s largest P&C insurers retained us as their mold coordinating counsel to assist its defense counsel in preparing for and trying mold lawsuits in Texas and elsewhere. We also serve as regional trial counsel in mold cases for five other major P&C insurers. We have tried more than a dozen mold cases to verdict winning every one of them. We have also been involved in the majority of the appeals in Texas arising out of mold claims over the past seven years.

Our lawyers have been involved in more than 3,000 mold claims and more than 300 mold lawsuits over the last seven years. As such, we understand the science of indoor air quality, fungal growth, building construction, and building ventilation. Our firm also maintains a proprietary database – IRIS – containing a large database of expert deposition transcripts, reports and CVs of industrial hygienists, microbiologists, mold repair remediators.

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