July 18, 2011

Last week, a jury in the Western District of Texas concluded that Cintas Corporation, a uniform and mat rental service company, was not liable for plaintiff’s injuries as claimed in Veta Garvey Farmer v. Home USA, Inc., Cintas Corporation No. 2 and U.S. Maintenance (No. A-10-CA-591-SS).  The case concerned a trip-and-fall accident at a Home Depot store in Austin involving a Cintas rental mat.  The plaintiff broke her hip as a result of the fall which led to emergency surgery and extensive rehabilitation in multiple facilities.  Plaintiff claimed the placement or maintenance of the rental mat by Cintas created an unreasonably dangerous condition.  Prior to trial, the plaintiff demanded Cintas pay $1.6 million. During trial, the plaintiff asked the jury for $2 million in damages.  But, after less than two hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously found no liability on the part of Cintas Corporation.

Patrick  Kemp  and  Robert  Wall  with  Martin,  Disiere,  Jefferson  &  Wisdom’s  Austin  office  had  the privilege of representing Cintas Corporation in the trial of this matter and we congratulate both of them and the client team on this impressive win.