MDJW First Friday Webinar - Reservations of Rights and the Insurer’s Continuing Right to Retain Defense Counsel: Myths and Misconceptions

Wayne Pickering - Presenter

March 6, 2015

Increasingly, MDJW’s insurance clients are encountering insureds who are taking the position that they are entitled to name their own defense counsel if their liability carrier issues a reservation of rights letter.  This is not the law in Texas, and some strong case law has emerged in the past couple of years in support of the insurer’s right to continue to control the defense and name defense counsel, except in extreme circumstances.  This presentation will discuss the issue in more detail.

Mr. Pickering’s legal experience includes many years of experience at both the trial and appellate level in numerous facets of insurance litigation, including coverage issues, bad faith and extra-contractual claims, as well as litigating professional liability claims against insurance agents, brokers and claims adjusters. Mr. Pickering’s experience also includes the representation of automobile manufacturers and manufacturers of commercial equipment and consumer products in products liability actions and warranty claims. Mr. Pickering also has authored or co-authored numerous articles and edited treatises in the field of insurance law.

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