Elite Trial Lawyers

Our Substantive Expertise

The firm has achieved state and national recognition for our substantive expertise in the five areas in which we practice. The firm's principal strengths are in the areas of:

The expertise of our lawyers has been recognized in multiple state and national surveys of both American business leaders and lawyers. Our lawyers have been frequently featured and quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Joumal and the leading daily newspapers in Texas. Some of our lawyers literally "wrote the book" in the areas in which they practice. This substantive expertise provides the foundation for our efficiency and our creativity.  Our lawyers do not have to learn the law when handling our clients' cases - in many instances, we helped to create the law.

When our lawyers walk into most courtrooms, the judges recognize that we are state leaders in the areas in which we practice. Coupled with our unwavering commitment to our own integrity; judges know that when our lawyers represent what the law is, or what the facts are, they speak the truth and are not just "hired guns." That credibility brings immeasurable value to every hearing, trial or appellate argument we attend.

Our Presence

487 County Courts, 432 District Courts, 14 Intermediate Courts of Appeal, 1 Supreme Court in the State of Texas...

... and one law firm whose lawyers are comfortable in any and all of these courts.

Of course, in some jurisdictions the use of local counsel becomes necessary: We use such counsel efficiently to "level the playing field," but our expertise brings both consistency and efficiency to cases across Texas. Because we have a historical knowledge of the client and the necessary trial skills to win the case, our clients can rest easy knowing who is handling their lawsuit.